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Ever wonder if other rural communities struggle with the same issues your community is dealing with? Are you looking for ideas about what’s working in other rural places that might work in yours?

Rural communities do face challenges: high unemployment, limited healthcare, the loss of natural resource industry jobs, limited public services, and access to things taken for granted by many today, like high-speed internet. People in rural communities are trying to find ways to keep their communities vital—because rural does matter.

Rural communities have a lot in common, but how do we get perspective on our communities if we can’t connect with others like us? We need ways to learn from each other, by sharing experiences, talking about rural issues, seeing the positive things people are doing, and hearing stories in a place where it’s safe to tell our tales.

That’s where RIPPLE comes in. RIPPLE is an online community of rural voices dedicated to rural people. RIPPLE lets us speak the truth about rural life. It lets us have honest discussions about rural living among people who know it the best.

There’s no other single place where rural people are relating their insights, their personal stories and concerns, and their expertise to other rural folks. It’s a place to educate yourself, a place to share resources, a place where you can read a good story or see photos of small towns and rural folks from across the Northwest. RIPPLE lets you have conversations with others who understand where you’re coming from. It’s beautiful, it’s interesting, it’s real. RIPPLE is the voice for and of rural.

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