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What does it mean to live in a rural community? Explore these stories and learn about the successes and challenges of rural folk!

Lake County: The New Energy Frontier
A county's goal to become carbon neutral and help others reach that milestone.
Farming for Health in the Applegate Valley
Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm is working to import the concept of care farming.
The Road to Community Vitality
Sweet Home's 20-year journey leads to success.
Agriculture and Energy Efficiency in Sisters
Partners provide assistance for successful Hurtley Ranch Road project.
Entering the Workforce
Perpetual optimism is a foundation for this young entrepreneur.
Building Community and Economic Resilience
Successful Chiloquin cafe is a gathering place for the community.

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Sep 4 // Bruce Sorte // Hermiston, Oregon
Jun 5 // Diane Rheos // Olympia, Washington
Mar 27 // Diane Rheos // Olympia, Washington